Glasgow Times’ own-goal

To be fair, it’s pretty safe to say that I know my way around news, having been in the field since the late ’70s and involuntarily leaving the field thanks to a layoff in the mid-2010s. In fact, it’s in my blood, proverbially speaking, since my father was also a newsman by profession. Even moreso, I’m a third generation man-of-letters, since my grandfather was a mailman.

But I digress.

But here we have the front page of The Glasgow Times on Monday, with their front-page teaser headline mentioning yesterday’s Celtic game, highlighted in red by an observant Twitter poster.

Well, yes and no . . .

This publication may know Glasgow best, as they proclaim in their banner, but they don’t know either a.) football, or b.) how to get a reporter to the game to report on it.

Regardless, let me give you some insight on what’s happening on the front page here, and I understand this as an editor: Whichever editor wrote this was trying to get “Heart” — as in “Heart of Midlothian,” Celtic’s opponent — into the headline. I get that, as I have had much experience in shoehorning readable concepts into three or four words on the page. It’s not an easy task, to be sure.

But you want more accurate? How about, “Hearts avoid pumping” as a front-page teaser headline, maybe?

There’s a degree of accuracy — a significant degree, in this case — that is lacking in the printed headline which makes it woefully inaccurate. And regardless of whether the article is of the quality that would win it the U.K. equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize in the U.S., the front-page teaser in the red box above does it a great disservice.

Anyone watching the game knows that Celtic was in control the entire time. John Beaton couldn’t give Hearts enough of an advantage with ludicrous calls and non-calls — especially non-calls. If it wasn’t for ex-Celt Craig Gordon’s exemplary play between the sticks for Hearts, it would have been a massacre. Hearts only scored on a gifted penalty and a meaningless goal with a minute left in injury time, making the 3-2 final score an anomaly.

Don’t believe me? Numbers don’t lie.

I like to think that, from a journalistic perspective, the story inside reflects these numbers more accurately than the front-page teaser. But from my exposure to the Scottish media covering Celtic, I can’t say I’m terribly confident that it does.

So, walk it off, Times, and do better next time.

Mon the Hoops!

5 thoughts on “Glasgow Times’ own-goal”

  1. “Do better next time”

    Better to these scumbags is “Celtic are awful we luv ra ‘Gers”.

    Comparing Scottish “sports reporters” to actual “journalists” is a fool’s errand Larry, don’t waste your time…

  2. Scottish media are dirty biased scumbags and they know it i just wish people would stop buying their papers and let them die with there cheating liebrox club who were liquidated 2012 just ask walter ebt smith the guy who said its a new club..hahahehe

  3. Nice one Larry
    Scottish mainstream media, not known for fair and unbiased, news reporting
    Just another vehicle for the anti Celtic rhetoric in sections of Glasgow
    No surprise from the SkintCo crew cheerleaders

  4. It’s about time every man, woman and child are made to take a compulsory ‘Media Studies’ class so that they can see through the veil of lies, hypocrisy and spin the so-called journalist use in this wee country. HH

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