Looking for the ‘New Firm’

Forgive me for stating the obvious: Celtic fans all over the world know there is no “Old Firm” anymore, despite concerted efforts of pundits, the skewed Scottish sports media, and even those in the Celtic board room trying desperately to capitalize on this myth that was put to rest in 2012.

Follow me here. A club formed in the late 1880s playing a club formed in 2012 cannot have the word “old” rightfully placed anywhere in a description of their matchup. Call it the Glasgow Derby — a noble a name as there can be, to be frank — or the Last Great Battle of Good Versus Evil, or whatever. But “Old Firm” clearly has run its course.

Rational people know this.

And while there’s much delirious celebration still going on after Celtic’s win on Wednesday — going to the top and leading by 55 points in the table, if you count like they do at Ibrox — I’m willing to wait for the glee to die down before deciding on what to do about this.

After all, remove the gravity of the inter-city derby between these two, and Celtic playing Sevco is just another match. Josip Juranovic even alluded to this in a pregame press conference, and he was absolutely right.

So if there’s a real hunger and a real deep-down need for a “firm,” then why not make another one?

How about with Hibernian? After all, if history serves, Hibs was Celtic before Celtic was Celtic — that is, Hibs put down Irish roots in East Scotland about 10 years prior to Brother Walfrid doing the same in Glasgow a decade later. Despite any fallout between the clubs since — and I understand that there is a lot of animosity since then — wouldn’t that, at least, be grounds for a new “Old Firm” anyway?

Or what about Aberdeen? They’ve now got one of our iconic captains at their helm, and along with Scott Brown they’ve also got Jonny Hayes. Wouldn’t that be worthy of at least starting the ball rolling on heating up this rivalry?

The possibilities abound and, if there is a life-and-death need for a “firm” match, they can be explored. So I think I’ll take a seat, like Borna Barasic watching a Celtic goal on Wednesday, and ponder this a little longer.

Mon the Hoops.

3 thoughts on “Looking for the ‘New Firm’”

  1. Good to see you back Larry. The only people that think that Sevco is the same club as the dead club, are either too thick to understand a simple 4 syllable word:


    or people who know damn fine well that Sevco is a New club, but it suits their own vested interests to deny this salient fact.

    Among the former group are Hun supporters and their cheerleaders in the SMSM. Among the latter group, can be found various functionaries in the SFA and the PLC at Celtic Park.

    As regards Hibernian, the original Hibernian FC folded in the 1890s. A new club based in Leith was formed a number of years earlier, but ditched all notions of being an Irish Catholic club.

    Hail Hail.

  2. The Term “New Firm” was used in early to mid 1980s to describe the two dominant teams in Scotland at that time. Aberdeen had won the European Cup Winners Cup under Alex Ferguson. Dundee Utd had reached the Semi final of the European Cup and the final of the UEFA Cup under Jim McLean.

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