News flash: We’re still in it

I hate to disagree with Chris Sutton or John Hartson or just about anyone else who thinks we’re done for this year, but I don’t think Celtic are out of the hunt for 10 in a row just yet.

Sure, the odds are becoming longer with every performance like today’s — we’ll get back to that in a minute — but as long as there is a mathematical chance for Celtic to catch and pass Glasgow’s other club, then we are technically still in it.

Of course, we can’t beat ourselves like we did today. Let’s be clear: Glasgow’s other club, only 9 years old next month and constantly teetering on the edge of financial ruin, did not win today’s game so much as Celtic lost it. Bad enough that the score ended up the way it did, but how it happened is the real tragedy, namely an own-goal.

Regardless, a gaffe or two aside, Celtic played a great game today, keeping their opponent on the back foot for most of the game. It bodes well for the rest of the season since the club is firing on all cylinders and all we need is to get some of those shots to hit the back of the net.

To be sure, we are going to need help — a lot of it — from the rest of the teams in the Premiership going forward. Also, there will be a lot of scoreboard watching involved from here on in, which leaves us in the unenviable position of putting undeserved faith in league backmarkers such as Motherwell and Ross County to help bail us out.

But as baseball great Yogi Berra once said, “It ain’t over till it’s over.” The lead is there for the first-place team to squander as we head to the second half of the season.

Keep the faith.

10 thoughts on “News flash: We’re still in it”

  1. Love the optimism and I used to believe that if it was possible mathematically it STILL CAN BE DONE… it cannot.

    That lot have only had (5)FIVE goals against them all season and it’s now JANUARY!! no penalty awards against them either…

    Who in Scotland will beat them? St.Mirren was a cup game,a one off.

    FFP would ruin that lot,hence they weren’t applied in Scotland and the whole game in Scotland is corrupted with sfa,refs assoc.,media,bbc n stv etc etc

    They aren’t even listed on the stock market,so no oversight there either

    Realism is not always pleasant and this is exactly that,UNPLEASANT.


      1. Cheers for rely,and by f**k I hope you’re right.Good luck with your blog.

        Takes grit and a set of nads to take on all-comers,don’t be fooled into thinking that because your readers are CFC fans that your immune to severe criticism;and yet worse still.

        I’ll keep an eye out for your articles and follow your blog hoping your readership number grows rapidly,I won’t comment too often Larry but,I truely wish you every success with it.

        Happy New Year EVERYONE wether CFC or not.


        1. I don’t mind debate and criticism, but I draw the line at abuse. Those that come here with that will find their comments binned. Happy New Year to you, too! Hail Hail.

  2. Hey Larry …..I like reading your Stuff…Ex Pat Living the Good life (Sunny coast Australia)We were Fucking great for 60 minutes…..Definate red…..Bitton…. played great until then ….We found them out today………Morelos Done Absolultly Fuck all…..As usual….We’re Doing the 10……..Subs were shite……But….We aint had no luck 1st half of season……….KEEP THE FAITH …………………………10 WITH LENNY IS A REAL CELTS DREAM………………

  3. Firstly, a happy new year to you and yours Larry.
    Secondly, like yourself I will not give in til the last gasp. It aint over til the fat burd chants as they say. Today an ordinary team were made to look ordinary, however we were not clinical in front of goal and Mcgreggor was excellent. Madhun played a blinder today, breaking up play with nonsense fouls, then, yea, he got his moment to shine and it was Bitton who allowed it to happen. At that cuddle the game was lost. Foul? Yes. Red? No. Anyway, regardless, our inability to convert was the difference today. Onwards we go and keep winning and lets’s see if they hold their nerve.

  4. I admire your indefatigability, Larry. But, sadly, as Ali famously said: “We’ve only two chances – slim and none. And Slim just rode out of town.”

  5. I agree , monumental effort from here on in ,…..
    3 games in hand , 9 pts . Fight hard
    2 games v gers , 6 pts . Fight harder!
    Leaves 4 pts gap !
    Are we as Celtic fans going to throw the towel in ? I’m fkn not!
    What if by the end of March they’ve also drawn 2 tough aways? 4 gained
    Or lost one and drawn one? 5 gained, …….Top spot
    Winter is coming !
    Tough run to complete , but showed we are capable before, remember Ally’s side were 15 in front ? Who won the title ?

  6. 9 points from three in hand…..
    6 points v gers…..
    Leaves 4 point gap , …..there’s a LOT of football to be played before this is over…..
    One more loss& a draw for them …..Or three draws

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