Random thoughts, cheap shots, bon mots

After Saturday’s win at Hamilton — the pitch where one end is painted with fans sitting behind advertising (and, as I understand it, behind that facade is a practice ground) — I thought it would be good to take a moment to just reflect on a few observations at the outset of this season, which incidentally appears to be starting well.

Like . . .

We’ll win the Europa League, according to Christopher Jullien: You’ve got to love the big guy, even when he’s not goofing off with teammate Boli Bolingoli-Mbombo. He’s settled in to a defense that has been stellar in the past few games, and now he makes what can arguably be described as a huge boast.

Can the Bhoys bring home the Europa hardware? “We will take it game by game and see what it is but if you were to go into our locker room now and ask each of them what their goal was they would tell you it is to bring that trophy home ā€“ and Iā€™m just following them,” Jullien has been quoted as saying in the mainstream press.

Whether he is serious or if it’s just a ploy to get his teammates psyched up for the game against French Cup holders Stade Rennes on Thursday, it’s good to see a confident mindset as the default mode for the club.

Odsonne Edouard scores yet again.

I Wanna, I Wanna, I Wanna Be Ladbrokes Premiership Player of the Month for August: A tip of the chapeau to Odsonne Edouard and congratulations to the Celtic forward for winning the Labrokes Premiership Player of the Month for his play last month. On top of an outstanding display as a sub for France’s U21 team scoring four goals during the international break, Eddy has been phenomenal for the Hoops in the start of the 2019/20 season.

Edouard’s press conference, posted on YouTube and it helps immensely if you speak French (despite the presence of a translator, who does an excellent job), Eddy says at around the 9:30 mark that he’s happy to be a Celt and he doesn’t foresee going anywhere, contrary to rumors that have been floating around. Which is good, because we’d like to have you around as long as possible, Eddy!

Lights, Camera, Action: Remember photo day at school? Well, the bhoys went through that exercise recently and had their annual team photoshoot. Of course, as shown here, getting the lads all on the same page and not photobombing each other was no small feat. Watch to the end to see a typical Broony move (and I mean that in the best possible way).

Jozo out, Wizard in: Unfortunately, one of my favorite Celts — and expert Kenny Miller launcher — Jozo Simunovic goes in for arthroscopic surgery on his knee, and it looks like he’s out for about two months. But while he’s healing up, on Saturday we saw the return of the Wizard of Oz, Tom Rogic. While Rogic wasn’t a factor in the game on Saturday, it’s great to see him taking to the pitch and I hope we will see more of him. As for Jozo, get well soon, big guy!

‘Hamburg is Brown and White’ as FC St. Pauli wins the Hamburg Derby 2-0 over Hamburger SV.

Meanwhile, in Hamburg: Yesterday, in the Hamburg Derby at the Millerntor between home club FC St. Pauli and Hamburger SV, the Boys in Brown played a phenomenal game and came away with a 2-0 win. Judging by some of the tweets by Celtic fans I follow, the derby there rivals the one in Glasgow. The Diamond — Dimitrios Diamantakos — scored one for the Boys in Brown and an own goal sealed it. Sankt Pauli looked very sharp yesterday, and hopefully they can carry this momentum forward to upcoming games.

Going out on a limb: There seems to be some trepidation about the game on Thursday against Stade Rennes, especially with some on one of my favorite online hangouts, Celtic Noise. Well, I have absolutely nothing to base this on other than faith in the club, but I think we come away from France with a 2-1 win before returning to Paradise to meet the squirrels of Kilmarnock on Saturday.

[69 degrees. Wildfire threat level today in rural Santa Cruz County: Moderate]

3 thoughts on “Random thoughts, cheap shots, bon mots”

  1. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of blind optimism!

    I still wait in hope for the day when boozy Brett and his omnipresent member are sharing jail drinks with Donald duckin hell and the entirety of the GOP.

    Chance may be a fine thing, but hope springs eternal.

    Celtic have had an exquisite taste of European glory, but this present vintage may not quite have the quality to leave a lasting imprint.

    But who knows?

    Perhaps this might be one of those perfect storms where the combination of all elements merge into one unstoppable force?

    As it currently stands, I’m of the opinion that domestic success takes precedence over everything else. Whilst a strong showing in Europe would be a mark of progress, it also puts a massive strain on our resources, especially in a league where physicality and aggression are eventually going to take their toll.

    1. Firstly I must comment on the back issues on the blog(that I have just found). Brilliant. Secondly a lot of respect to all U.S Celts who get up early or start late (or take extended liquid lunches) to support the Hoops. It is genuinely guys like you who spread the word and make the club expand far and beyond the shores of God’s own Country.
      As for the European campaign. To me it’s everything. Celtic need European credibility and advancement. The 9 and the 10 are important but to the reputation of our club and the attraction of players to advance us beyond our on shores we need Celtic to hold their heads high and perform abroad. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. If we have a squad that can perform in Europe then Scotland and titles will only benefit. Keep up the good work Larry and all US contributors. Nothing makes me prouder than to see the Celtic message spread beyond our shores. Hail Hail y’all!

  2. Hi Larry, finally got round to reading your blog,love it, you really are one clued-up American (didn`t think they existed) šŸ˜‰ total respect for you and the way you have taken Celtic to your heart. not to mention the sleep you have lost, a big hat tip to you sir.

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