There once was a man named Ajeti

There’s nothing like an exciting new player to get the poetic juices flowing in Celtic fans. And in the spirit of a thread on The Celtic Noise forum around Celtic striker Albian Ajeti, the Swiss forward could be gearing up for his own song in the near future.

But before we get to that point, break out the dictionary, because “Ajeti” is sort of hard to rhyme.

Fortunately, that has never stopped us before here at ’67 in the Heat of Felton. Challenge accepted.

‘There once was a man named Ajeti . . . .’

So as the sun rises on the Central California coast, yours truly has written a few limericks — yeah, I know . . . “the poor man’s poetry” — during his coffee and Raisin Bran to start the day.

To wit:

There once was a man named Ajeti
Who kicked the ball into the netty
When Saturdays loomed
Opponents were doomed,
Their fans became moany and fretty.

Or . . .

That trick from the Swiss guy Ajeti
turned centre-backs into spaghetti.
And when the ball crossed,
with their goalie tossed,
It quickly went into the netty.

If we reverse the order so “Ajeti” isn’t the rhyming word . . .

Ajeti, a bearded Swiss fellow,
made goalkeepers turn into Jell-o.
A cross that was long
from wee lad Frimpong
Would always make Celtic fans bellow.

Or, to address more immediate concerns . . .

Ajeti – and let me be blunt –
Needs Edouard to help him up front,
or Griff would be nice,
or Klimala twice,
Oh, Lenny — please do take a punt.

Give it a shot. Feel free to put your best efforts in the comments below, or swing by The Celtic Noise forum to the thread about Ajeti and unleash your inner poet.

Now if you’ll excuse me, the Poetry Police are pulling me over and asking for my poetic license and registration . . . .

Mon the Hoops!

6 thoughts on “There once was a man named Ajeti”

  1. Before i go and forgetti
    we like your ditto to Ajeti
    can take up your time
    getting some words to rhyme
    and you brain can end up like spaghetti
    so Before i go and forgetti
    we also had a lad named Guidetti
    his name it rhymed with spaghetti

    1. Posted one I came up with a while ago and posted on his instagram page.

      There’s only one Albian Ajeti.

      He puts the ball in the netty.

      He’s Swiss like cheese and he scores with ease.
      Walking in an Ajeti wonderland.

      It’s not that hard to rhyme when we had a player called Cadete

  2. Oh god bless the maestro AJeti
    He makes defenders go knock kneed and sweaty
    He’s Swiss Toblerone,
    Diamond tipped metronome,
    Or a reincarnation of the Yeti

  3. This swiss guy known as ajeti has put 5 goals in the netty, if he keeps scoring true against them wearing blue, we’ll get 10 in a row this I’ll bet ye.

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