Bye bye, Boli

Lyricist for hire: As attempted in the past on a couple of occasions, there are events in the Celtic news that make me break out into song. Boli Bolingoli’s exit to Turkey has inspired this reworking of “Bye Bye, Blackbird” (or “Bye Bye, Rangers,” whichever your prefer).

Sing along if you know the tune.

Bye bye, Boli

Pack up all your gear and stuff,
Turkey calls, we got Duff,
Bye bye, Boli.

Where some club will want your play
In the back, feet of clay,
Bye bye, Boli.

No one here forgives your indiscretion,
Maybe you were given bad direction.

Take your new kit, wear it well,
But from us, “Go to hell!”
Boli, bye bye.

[And as we say here, especially in the South, “Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!”]

3 thoughts on “Bye bye, Boli”

  1. Sorry Larry, but I think Mort Dixon will be spinning out of control at that attempt. Anyhoo, Boli is offskie and that’ the best outcome all round. He was deceitful and there is no way back from that. It’s only a loan, so hope he plays well and deal becomes permanent, if not he’s back at seasons end and so it starts again.

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